10 Beautiful DIY Bird Bath Ideas

10 Beautiful DIY Bird Bath Ideas

A simple project, by using just a rod and a painted bowl, it is just a time-effective, cheap and wonderful idea.

Keeping a clay bowl on any stand in your garden attracts a lot of birds, cool idea, birds love it.

The upside down glass bowl over the rod and the marble pot are both lovely to look at, a fabulous plan to attract wild birds to your garden.

One of the simplest and effective DIY bird bath projects, easy to design and portable to move here and there in a garden.

How cute, nice, little areas for bird bath, clay pots are likewise attractive to the birds as to man, amazingly attractive!

The addition of black stone in the three layered bird bath system is creating a strange magnetism, a powerful attraction to birds!

One of the most amazing DIY bird bath projects ever, I like the colors of the plate and the technique to prepare those bits of disk.

A simple, lovely and attractive bathing pool for birds with stones dipped into the water, incredibly beautiful to look at!

A highly inexpensive and easy way to create a bird bath pool in your garden, a true magnet for birds!

Wonderful use of old wash basin, and loveable pool for birds to drink water, bath and hang around their beautiful pool.