A mixture of tiny beautiful items like fairy figurines and pebbles, cool and magnetizing, looks like fairies are dancing inside!

With lots of space for fairies to create an illusion like they walk on colorful midways in the garden, tantalizing and easy on the eyes!

One of the superb DIY fairy gardens, lovely to look at every time! The visitors will fall in love with it, definitely.

A little tiled base planter and lots of tiny fairy garden items to finish a splendidly beautiful place representing the sense of beauty in human mind!

The broken part is letting the beauty of the fairy garden swell around, sweet and dreamy atmosphere, incredibly heart-warming!

Awesome! I haven’t seen such a beautiful picture of imagination. Looking like fairies have been dwelling the garden for centuries.

All four DIY fairy gardens are easy to build, time-effective and cost-effective, but scenic and incredibly fascinating!

What a marvelous vision, a finished completion of gleaming imagination, it is as pretty as a picture!

With simple material, this fairy garden is simple to plan and complete, throwing a magnetizing impact on eyes and mind.

A very cute, little DIY fairy garden, constructed of painted fairy figurines and other inexpensive things, really cool view!