Top Floating Shelves – Diy Projects

Top Floating Shelves – Diy Projects

Neat and elegant, perfect for all kinds of shelf storage items and decoration pieces!

Stylish and foxy, an ideal plan to exhibit showpieces, store things and display photo frames!

Lovely wall anchored corner shelves, classy and antique look, and give space saving illusion, too.

One of the most simply designed floating shelves DIY, a classical way to put on view shelf stuff.

The simple and sober corner anchored space savors, an essential part of every drawing room.

Top Floating Shelves – Diy Projects
The marble dinner set is giving sharper and more beautiful look for being on these lovely DIY floating shelves.

The whiteness of marble and the tint of wood are creating a spell on the viewers.

One of the soberest designs of floating shelves to display anything you love, perfect for every shelf item.

Immensely splendid, the various rows of floating shelves are as pretty as a picture.

The white floating shelves DIY are looking amazing presenting various decoration items.